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The secrets to code 55% faster with a headless CMS


Codelia to create E-commerce

An E-commerce makes able to sell products online and to break the limits of a physical store. Thanks to an E-commerce there are not working hours of a physical store and space limit, because it's available 24 hours a day 7 days on 7 and it's reachable from anywhere and in every language.

We all know the giants of E-commerce marketplace as Amazon, E-bay and other popular ones. They sell a lot because they are online, and the entire world can buy through them and receive their orders at home.

Create a powerful E-commerce to sell online

With Codelia it's possible to develop an E-commerce in a faster way and with maximum flexibility. There are built-in e-commerce features to track orders, customers, manage shipping and payment methods, create a custom checkout flow, manage coupons and more.

Usually an e-commerce it's not made only from online shop features, but it's also integrated with a web app for example, or however it has more features, such as a dedicated account for customers where they can see all of their orders and anything related to their purchases.

There are also different e-commerce types, for standard and physical products or for online products, or even a combination of both.

Better shopping experience with a fast loading speed

One of the best points that you can get by creating an e-commerce with Codelia, is to improve the loading speed of the web pages thanks to the Codelia API. Codelia API is fast, and it reduces the server response time of the pages making the page fully optimized to get green scores on popular tools like GTmetrix and Google Page Speed.

A fast web page make a better shopping experience for customers. They will be more incentivate to buy products and to complete their orders. For users will be a glad to navigate on a fast e-commerce where they don't have to wait 5 seconds or more for a page load. This increase the number of users that will stay on the e-commerce keeping their shopping going on.

How to use Codelia to create an E-commerce

Since Codelia is headless it makes you able to develop e-commerce sites with maximum flexibility and to develop any extra feature or to make any extra integration thanks to its API. It's possible to extend the built-in features or to laverage them in more ways.

By getting the content through the API you can develop a custom and powerful e-commerce integrate it with any tool like an email marketing platform or a CRM.

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