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This Is How Marketers Are Saving Thousands Thanks To Headless CMSs

How to Automatically Publish new Blog Posts on Your Social Media

How to Automatically Publish new Blog Posts on Your Social Media

Social Media channels help you to promote your business reaching more leads and customers. Knowing how to create a content strategy is required to be successfull, and automation is the key to improve the productivity of that strategy.

There are many tools out there that can help you in automating your marketing process. The most common example of a good content strategy is to write and publish constantly blog posts on your website and then share them on your social channels.

Social Media Scheduling Tools

Some of the most popular scheduling tools that can help you with content scheduling on many social media channels from one unique platform are:

These are two similar solutions that differ in terms of pricing and features, but the concept is the same: these platforms make you able to plan and publish content automatically on many of your social media profiles, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more.

So you have 5 new blog posts ready to be published on your website across the next week and now you can share your blog posts by creating a schedule for each of your social media profile across the same week, when a new blog post will be published.

From your content platform you need to jump to your choosen social media scheduling tool and create the social posts one by one. But what if there could be a way to skip the last step, and so to create a new blog post on your CMS and automatically add it to your social scheduling tool? Well, there is!

Automate your Marketing

Codelia is the Headless CMS that makes you able to automate your content marketing strategy by integrating with the most popular social scheduling tools and social media channels. With Codelia and Zapier you can connect your CMS directly with your social media profiles or with your social platform in order to automatically post or schedule a new post on every profile each time you add a new blog post to your website. This integration is completely NO CODE and you don't need to touch any line of code or to ask help to developers to make it work.

Some automations you can achieve are:

  • Add a Tweet when you create a new Blog Post;
  • Add a Facebook post when you create a new Blog Post;
  • Add an Instagram photo when you create a new Blog Post;
  • Add a Buffer/Hootsuite schedule when you create a new Blog Post.

... and many more. Check out more integrations.

The process explained

Step 1. Create a new element on Codelia

Blog posts are elements. As first step you need to create a new element on Codelia to manage your blog posts. Assign controls to your blog posts element and model the content structure. You can add many controls - another way to call them is input fields - to have maximum flexibility in terms of content structure. You can also group your blog posts based on category, tags and more.

Step 2. Generate an API token

Navigate inside your site Settings & API page to create a new API token - simply click on the generate button and Codelia will take care of it for you. Save this token for later, you'll need this to connect Codelia with Zapier. Take note also of the API endpoint that you see under the API token field, copy it for later.

Step 3. Sign up/Sign in on Zapier

If you don't have an account on Zapier, create one. If you already have an account sign in. Now it's the moment to create a new Zap:

  • Inside the trigger step of new Zap creation select Codelia as app;
  • Select New Single Element as event in the next dropdown;
  • Connect your Codelia site by adding the site API token inside the next step. Visit the API knowledge base to know how the token works (no technical knowledge needed);
  • Setup the site API Endpoint inside the details step.

Now proceed to the action step:

  • Select a specific social media or a social scheduling tool as App;
  • Select Create Post - or the desired action - as event;
  • Connect your social media/tool profile;
  • Setup the required extra options (title, content, image etc.);
  • Publish the Zap.

Step 4. Add a new blog post on Codelia

It's the time to add a new blog post on your website. Once added the new blog post will be visible on your website and will be automatically published on your social media profile or social scheduling tool.

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