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This Is How Marketers Are Saving Thousands Thanks To Headless CMSs.

Improve and reduce the Launching Time of your projects working faster and better. A headless CMS can help you and your company empowering both marketing and development teams.

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This Is How Marketers Are Saving Thousands Thanks To Headless CMSs

Sell your products on any device

Deliver products on any platform

Start from your online shop and sell on a mobile app, a smartwatch app, an Alexa skill, and anything else.

Deliver your products and your shopping experience on multiple devices at the same time.


Reach customers on multiple devices

Bring your products on any platform such as a mobile app, and Alexa skill and even a chatbot through just one single click.

Reach worldwide audience

Organize your content with translations or create different experiences for any language and localization you need.

Integrate any tool

Do you need to integrate a DEM platform, a CRM, an analysis tool or a custom plaform? You can integrate them easely.

Customize the journey

Every platform has its personalized journey. With Codelia and its flexibility you can create a custom content journey for every platform.

GTmetrix score

Get high loading speed and SEO

To improve your SEO you need an high loading speed. With Codelia it's possible to get A scores on pupular tools like GTmetrix in order to improve the User Experience and the SEO.

Codelia has been built to be fast, and trough it you can create fast shopping experiences.

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Deliver products with performance and empower the loading speed of your online shop. High loading speed means better SEO and UX.

Increase sales

A better loading speed means more sales. Customers will navigate your online shop fastly, smoothly and happily.

Be the first on Google

With Codelia you can keep track of SEO errors and fix them in minutes. A well optimized SEO site needs to be fast. If it's slow you can't reach the first page of Google.

Keep users active

A fast shopping experience it's a glad for customers, they will love it and will keep their journey. A slow experience loses customers, they left for the too long times to wait.

E-commerce and CMS in one platform

Codelia provides both e-commercee and content modeling tools needed to create a shopping experience without the need of any other content platform.

You can manage multiple stores from one place, create content structure from scratch, plan, review and update content in minutes, not hours.

Create content easely

Create and manage content through a powerful visual back-end collaborating with your team mates.

Custom checkout flow

Create a custom checkout flow from scratch and manage it with 100% flexibility giving your custom shape to it.

Scale easely

Add products, pages and content through some clicks improving and scaling your online store structure quickly.

Launch faster

Decrease the work time of the marketing and development teams giving them 100% flexibility while working.

Develop with any teck stack and framework

Empower your development team by letting them to use their favorite tools, programming languages and frameworks.

"Codelia has been an excellent way to enable multiple teams across our business by streamlining processes for marketing, engineering, and sales departments. The platform provides a great way for any team to quickly make changes and deploy new content faster across channels without relying on developers."

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Market easier and develop faster

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This Is How Marketers Are Saving Thousands Thanks To Headless CMSs

Free Ebook

This Is How Marketers Are Saving Thousands Thanks To Headless CMSs.

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