This Is How Marketers Are Saving Thousands Thanks To Headless CMSs

Improve and reduce the Launching Time of your projects working faster and better. A headless CMS can help you and your company empowering both marketing and development teams.

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This Is How Marketers Are Saving Thousands Thanks To Headless CMSs


Faster content writing and publishment.


No need of the help from a developer, just write.


Place to work on the content of any project.

What's inside

Marketers are always looking to new ways to create and manage content of their projects faster. Reading this ebook you'll discover how you can create content and launch in minutes thanks to a headless CMS.

Learn how to create content easely without the help of developers leaving them free to their tasks.

Discover how you can deliver content on any platform managing it from a unique workspace. Just imagine to be free to use and re-use the same content organizing it in any way on multiple digital experiences.

Improve the loading speed and the Core Web Vitals of your digital projects improving also the SEO and having the full control on it.

Increase the conversions thanks to the improved loading speed and SEO.

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About Codelia

Codelia helps digital companies to create and deliver digital products faster. As headless CMS it empowers both marketing and development teams making them more productive and empowering to produce better digital experiences across multiple channels.

Create better content

Create and define your entire content structures from a powerful back-end, and do it without the need to code.

Work with team mates

Include your team in your projects and get more things done in less time, improving your productivity and working better.

Integrate any tool

Do you need to integrate a DEM, a CRM, an analysis tool or a custom plaform? No problems, you can do it without limitations.

Scale your project

Create new custom features that can be integrated with Codelia, with your content or with other services.

Integrate any template

Get your template from your favorite marketplace or create it with your favorite no code template builder tool.

Deploy faster

Since the configuration of Codelia with a template can be made in minutes, you can focus on what matters and deploy very fast.

Extend to any device

Bring your website or e-commerce into a web app, native mobile app, smartwatch app, Alexa Skill or on any platform.

Go worldwide

Organize your content with translations or create different experiences for any language and localization you need.

Empower developers

Make developers more powerful letting them work with any technology stack and with flexibility thanks to the Codelia API.

Get high performance

Optimize your digital experiences and make them fast thanks to Codelia API. Get A score on popular tools like GTmetrix.

Be thoughtless

Codelia is in cloud and you don't need to host it and to worry about the management of the infrastructure.

Deploy on your server

Be free to deploy your projects on your trusted servers or providers. Manage your domains and servers with freedom.