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The secrets to code 55% faster with a headless CMS


Sendgrid is an email delivery platform that offer an API. If you are looking to a secure and affordable way to send your emails from your digital product, you can integrate Codelia with Sendgrid.

Fetch the Codelia API

By fetching the Codelia API is possible to get specific data regarding your website or e-commerce.

Codelia API is made from different endpoints, it's possible to see them directly inside the knowledge base accessing the Support Area.

Through your favorite programming language or framework you can connect to Codelia API. You need also to send the API Authorization header in order to access the API correctly. By managing every site inside the Admin Area it's possible to select the API token through the Settings page.

Manage the response

Once the response has been returned, it's possible to start working with the Sendgrid API. Then you can send customized messages through the API at the right moment, when a user performs a specific action for example.

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The secrets to code 55% faster with a headless CMS.

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