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Codelia is evolving into a New Content Platform

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How it works

Headless CMS to market easier and to develop faster

Codelia helps digital companies to create and deliver digital products faster.

It empowers both development and marketing teams making them more productive and empowering to produce better digital experiences across multiple channels.

How Codelia works

Focus on the content

Manage content of multiple projects from one place and do it without the need to be a developer.

Use any tech stack

Develop digital experiences by using your favorite programming language and framework thanks to Codelia API.

Be thoughtless

Codelia is in cloud and you don't need to host files and worry about the management of the infrastructure.

Deploy on your server

Be free to deploy on your trusted servers or providers. Manage your domains and servers with freedom.

Deliver content on any platform

Start from a website or e-commerce and extend to a mobile app, Alexa skills, a smartwatch app, and anything else.

Be free to use and re-use your content on multiple digital experiences.


Create content faster

Create the entire content structure through a powerful back-end without coding. Add anything you need in minutes, not hours.

Work with teammates

Include your team in your projects and get more things done in less time by giving more or fewer users limitations. Unity is strength.

Integrate any tool

Do you need to integrate an email marketing platform, a CRM, an analysis tool, or a custom platform? You can integrate them on your front end.

Improve your SEO

Fast digital experiences mean a better SEO. Create the content and let developers optimize the page loading speed thanks to Codelia API.

Empowered by a fast and flexible API

The API makes Codelia so flexible to make you able to develop without limitations.

Call the desired endpoint and retrieve the JSON response. Manage and display the content on your front end.

Codelia API

Develop your own front end

Since Codelia is headless you don't need to use a page builder or something like that. Code with your stack and keep it headless.

Get high performance

Optimize your front-end for the maximum speed thanks to Codelia API and its reduced server response time. Get A score on GTmetrix.

Save 10 hours of work

Save work time during your week by creating your back-end without code and having the maximum flexibility to create the data structure.

Save 24k $ per year

Considering an average developer's salary of 100k $ per year, 50 $ per hour, a company can save 10 hours per week, so 500 $ per week.

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Get your Early Access to Codelia Content Platform

Codelia is evolving into a New Content Platform.

Get Your Early Access Now!