The secrets to code 55% faster with a headless CMS

Code and develop better, faster and getting more productivity by using a headless CMS. Learn what a headless CMS is, which are his benefits and how to improve your coding gaining total flexibility.

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5 steps to speed up a website with an headless cms


Of flexibility developing websites.

+ 60%

Of productivity while coding and developing.

+ 55%

Faster while coding with your favorite framework.

What's inside

Developers need to code faster and with the maximum flexibility. They need to own the functions creating them from scratch.

Learn how to code better and faster by using a headless CMS to develop your web projects.

You can develop using your favorite programming language or framework, building custom functions and getting the 100% of flexibility.

Code well and code faster.

If you work in a web or digital agency, if you own one of this, or if you are a freelance you know how much flexibility a developer needs.

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About Codelia

Codelia is an headless CMS based on flexibility. Develop fast websites and e-commerce customizing and managing content.

Made for digitals

Developer or marketer Codelia will help you to code and manage content better.

Front end without limits

Code the front end using every Language you want and retrieve data by using JSON.

Multilingual support

Create and manage content to develop multilingual websites and e-commerce.

E-commerce ready

Develop simple and beautiful websites or develop powerful and flexible e-commerce.

Manage orders and customers

Keep trace and manage orders and customers of the e-commerce and access them by using JSON.

Manage shipping methods, payment methods and coupons

Add and manage shipping methods, payment methods and coupons.

Manage the inventory

Manage the inventory in a fast and easy way to keep up to date your products.

Custom checkout flow

Add custom checkout fields and keep the control of the entire checkout flow.


Security is at the first place. Codelia is secure and you can choose the level of security.

Host included

The host for Codelia is included in every plan. You need only to host your websites and e-commerce.