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Use the Codelia API to retrieve and manage data.

Introduction to Codelia for developers

Build faster by using the technology stack you love

Content and data are delivered through Codelia API, making you free to develop with every programming language or framework.

Become more productive while working with the most familiar technology stack for you. Retrieve and manage the content in JSON format through various Codelia API endpoints.

Develop with freedom

Thanks to the content delivered through API, you can develop with any programming language or framework managing the code in any way.

Get high performance

Optimize your front-end for the maximum speed thanks to Codelia API and its reduced server response time. Get A score on GTmetrix.

Save 10 hours of work

Save work time during your week by creating your back-end without code and having the maximum flexibility to create the data structure.

Save 24k $ per year

Considering an average developer's salary of 100k $ per year, 50 $ per hour, a company can save 10 hours per week, so 500 $ per week.

//Set JSON url
$url = "https://exampleurl.com/example/data";

//Init curl
$curl = curl_init($url);
curl_setopt($curl, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, true);
curl_setopt($curl, CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER, [ 'Content-Type: application/json' ]);

//Execute curl
$json = curl_exec($curl);

//Output data
$obj = json_decode($json, JSON_PRETTY_PRINT);
echo $obj->title;

import json
import urllib.request

# Set JSON url and download data
url = "https://exampleurl.com/example/data"
data = urllib.request.urlopen(url).read().decode()

# Parse JSON object
obj = json.loads(data)

# Output title and description

//Get and parse JSON from url
    .then(response => response.json())
    .then((jsonData) => {
        //Output data in console

//Define component
var app = new Vue({
    el: '#app',
    data: {
        json: null

//Get JSON from url
$.getJSON("https://exampleurl.com/example/data", function (json) {
    app.json = json;

Develop faster and be flexible

Thanks to the API you can develop with your favorite technology stack and you can also get maximum flexibility.

Manage your content with custom functions built from scratch and extends your projects with extra features.

Manage content flexibly

With Codelia there is no need to use pre-built and limiting functions, you can start from scratch and develop what you need.

Develop your own front-end

Since Codelia is headless you don't need to use a page builder or something like that. Code with your stack and keep it headless.

Be thoughtless

Codelia is in cloud and you don't need to host files and worry about the management of the infrastructure.

Deploy on your server

Be free to deploy on your trusted servers or providers. Manage your domains and servers with freedom.

Start using Codelia for free

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Deliver content on any platform

Start by developing a website or e-commerce and extend to the development of a mobile app, Alexa skills, a smartwatch app, and anything else.

Be free to develop any digital experience by using the same content thanks to the Codelia API.


Develop for any device

Bring your website or e-commerce into a web app, native mobile app, smartwatch app, Alexa Skill, or on any platform thanks to the Codelia API.

Develop awesome experiences

Codelia makes you able to develop anything. Think for example of e-commerce connected to an Alexa Skill where customers can buy with voice.

Customize the user experience

Retrieve the content thanks to the Codelia API and organize it in a custom User Experience for any platform. Uniquely deliver content on each device.

Create fast experiences

Codelia API is fast and makes you able to develop fast experiences on any device. This helps you to improve the User Experience even more.


Create a "wearable" e-commerce where customers can buy from their smartwatch

See the use case
GTmetrix score

Integrate anything

Develop with your favorite technology stack and integrate any third-party tools or custom solutions.

With Codelia you can extend and scale your projects faster and with flexibility.

Connect any service

Be free to connect to any third-party platform, such as email marketing, a CRM, or a custom-built platform.

Extend your project

Develop new custom features that can be integrated with Codelia, with your content, or with other services.

Customize at all

Customize your project with freedom thanks to Codelia API. Manage the code in every way you want and make it yours.

Improve productivity

By integrating all of your favorite tools and services, you can develop faster and better, improving your productivity.

"Codelia has made it easy for non-technical team members to split responsibilities in web applications. The intuitive interface makes using the tool a breeze, while its ease-of-use benefits even more experienced developers like myself who don't always have time on hand when working as part of an IT team. I'm happy with how helpful Codelia was in relieving me from having too much workload since our marketing team can easily make changes by themselves."

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Codelia is evolving into a New Content Platform.

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