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The secrets to code 55% faster with a headless CMS.

Code and develop better, faster and getting more productivity by using a headless CMS. Learn what a headless CMS is, which are his benefits and how to improve your coding gaining total flexibility.

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The secrets to code 55% faster with a headless CMS

A fast and simple way to Develop Wesbites and E-commerce


Develop faster and better

Codelia gives you the ablity to build a custom back end and manage your data simply.

Build the front end without limitation of a database and choose every language code you want to use.

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Manage multiple sites

Manage multiple websites or ecommerce directly from one place. Choose the users that can access the single site with his own privileges. Add users with full control on every website or ecommerce.

Create custom elements and pages

The elements are groups of the same items but with different content. For example blog posts or products. There are no limits to create elements. Pages are very similar to elements but they has unique data structure and content.

Assign controls to elements and pages

Create and assign controls based on your need to the elements and pages created. Add various types of field, text, number, file, date, file and much more without limits.

Add and manage content

Add and manage your content dinamically using the back end that you had set up. Choose what content should be public or not. Choose to public content on a specific date.

Develop your front end

Get content to display on front end using the JSON API to speed up the load of the content. Use every language you want to build the front end: HTML and CSS, PHP, React, Python and much more.

About the author

My name is Edoardo Valenza, I live in the beautiful Verona in Italy. I'm a freelance web designer and web developer.

Working on a lot of websites and e-commerce projects and getting troubles while developing them with usual CMS, I decided to create Codelia, to make me able to solve the problems that I was getting in.

I decided to offer Codelia to other developers and web agencies like me around the world to solve the common troubles and to develop in a faster and more flexible way websites and e-commerce.

Edoardo Valenza

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5 steps to speed up a website with an headless cms

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The secrets to code 55% faster with a headless CMS.

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